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As the leading SEO agency in Bangladesh, Optimarko brings unparalleled expertise and a dedicated team of SEO specialists committed to elevating your online presence. Our comprehensive suite of SEO services encompasses a wide array of strategies tailored to meet your business goals.

Our SEO Services Include

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How We Conduct Keyword Research
(Our Six-Step Process)

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Site Review

We kickstart our keyword research by conducting a comprehensive review of your website's current performance in keyword rankings and organic traffic. This initial assessment forms the basis for further strategic analysis.

Competitor Review

Following the site review, we thoroughly analyze 3-5 primary search competitors, examining keyword overlap and relevance. This comparison aids in identifying potential areas for improvement and competitive advantages.

Niche Review

To ensure a comprehensive understanding, we dive into industry-specific research, pinpointing niche-specific keywords that resonate with your audience. This step helps bridge any existing gaps in keyword targeting.


Armed with a thorough keyword repository, we manually segment keywords based on relevance and potential, strategically maximizing the opportunities each keyword presents.


We present our findings through detailed and segmented Excel data, coupled with comprehensive PDF summaries highlighting key opportunities, emerging trends, and overarching thematic clusters.


Following the sharing of reports, our seasoned consultants arrange a dedicated session to discuss in-depth analysis, recommendations, and a roadmap for seamless implementation.

Our Keyword Research Service lays the groundwork for a targeted SEO approach, ensuring your website capitalizes on every opportunity to rise in search engine rankings and attract qualified organic traffic.

Comprehensive On-Page SEO Services We Offer

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  • On-page website auditing
  • Web analytics auditing
  • META and schema tag optimization
  • Internal linking structure analysis & optimization
  • Keyword research and keyword mapping
  • UI/UX redesign suggestions
  • URL structure optimization
  • On-page website auditing
  • Web analytics auditing
  • META and schema tag optimization
  • Internal linking structure analysis & optimization
  • Keyword research and keyword mapping
  • UI/UX redesign suggestions
  • URL structure optimization
The impact of well-executed on-page SEO strategies extends beyond rankings; it influences conversion rates, sales, and long-term brand value. Partner with Optimarko to harness the power of meticulously crafted on-page optimization strategies.

Key Criteria for Building Quality Backlinks

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1. Quality

We emphasize obtaining backlinks from websites that boast high-quality content and offer exceptional user experiences. Quality assurance is paramount in our link-building endeavors.

2. Relevancy

Links directed to your website are sourced from topically related websites, ensuring thematic relevance and a coherent online footprint across domains.

3. Authority

Backlinks sourced for your website originate from trusted and reputable websites, aligning with search engine standards for reliability and credibility.

Our Approach to Backlink Building

At Optimarko, our meticulous approach to link building ensures compliance with Google’s stringent guidelines and industry standards. We focus on obtaining backlinks from esteemed websites and authoritative publications.

Techniques Employed for Acquiring Backlinks

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Guest Posting

Crafting high-quality content to secure backlinks from authoritative websites through guest blogging.

HARO Outreach

Leveraging Help A Reporter Out (HARO) to connect with journalists and secure valuable backlinks from reputable publications.

Broken Link Strategy

Identifying broken links on high-quality websites and acquiring backlinks by offering relevant, functional content.

Tool Creation

Developing and offering valuable tools or resources in exchange for backlinks from relevant websites.

Resource Page Links

Securing backlinks by offering valuable resources and content to websites with resource pages.

Ego-Bait Strategy

Creating content that highlights industry experts or influencers, encouraging them to link back to your website.

Manual Backlinks

Directly acquiring backlinks through partnerships, collaborations, and relationship-building efforts.

Anchor Text Optimization

Strategic optimization of anchor text for better relevance and context in backlink placement.

Partner with us to leverage our targeted link-building strategies and propel your website’s authority and credibility. Our meticulous approach ensures your backlink profile aligns with search engine standards, paving the way for enhanced visibility and trustworthiness.

How Our Technical SEO Team Can Elevate Your Website

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SEO Consultancy

Collaborate with our seasoned experts to define and craft robust objectives and strategies for your website. Whether it's a domain migration, international expansion, or strategic optimization, our consultancy services offer tailored advice and the best approaches to propel your digital presence.

Keyword & Market Research

Extensive research into keywords, audience behavior, and market dynamics forms the bedrock of our SEO strategies. By leveraging intelligent insights, we empower clients to refine targeting, match intent, and enhance their bottom line.

Our Comprehensive Technical SEO Offerings

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Technical SEO Audit

We conduct a thorough technical SEO audit to pinpoint and resolve critical issues affecting your website’s performance. Our audit covers vital checkpoints such as mobile performance, internal link structures, page speed, XML sitemaps, indexation, crawl errors, robots.txt, and site architecture. Leveraging analytics results, we devise short- and long-term solutions to augment visitor experience and elevate your Google rankings.

Competitor Analysis

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your competition’s optimization tactics to uncover conversion opportunities. Our technical SEO consultants evaluate your competitor’s keyword performance, search engine rankings, social media presence, and technical and backlink profiles, enabling strategic advantage in your niche market.

Meta Data Analysis

Enhance online visibility and drive traffic through meticulously crafted meta tags that effectively describe your page content to both visitors and search engines. Our technical SEO for WordPress involves optimizing meta descriptions, title tags, meta keywords, alt attributes, and robots tags to safeguard your SEO performance.

Image Optimization

Improve site performance by optimizing images through appropriate file formats, reduced file sizes, optimized alt attributes, image sitemaps, and image optimization plugins, ensuring swift page load times and enhanced user experience, especially for eCommerce websites.

Speed Optimization

Recognizing the impact of page speed on rankings and user experience, our specialists employ file compression, code optimization, reduction of redirects, browser caching, content distribution networks (CDNs), and server response time improvement to boost site speed.

Structured Data Markup

Streamline content interpretation and display for search engines by implementing schema markup. Our team highlights page elements, assigns data tags, creates HTML, and adds schema markup using Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool to ensure seamless integration.

Backlink Analysis

Understand your website’s online authority and search ranking potential by leveraging our backlink analysis expertise. We evaluate incoming links from reputable and high-authority websites, identifying referring domains, assessing site authority, and evaluating social share magnitude of linking pages for a holistic understanding.

Penalty Recovery

In case of Google penalties stemming from algorithm changes or technical discrepancies, our SEO experts use Google Search Console to diagnose penalties, assess backlink strategies, rectify content discrepancies, and ensure proper redirect functioning to aid in penalty recovery.

Website Migration

We conduct a thorough technical SEO audit to pinpoint and resolve critical issues affecting your website’s performance. Our audit covers vital checkpoints such as mobile performance, internal link structures, page speed, XML sitemaps, indexation, crawl errors, robots.txt, and site architecture. Leveraging analytics results, we devise short- and long-term solutions to augment visitor experience and elevate your Google rankings.

Partner with our Technical SEO experts to fortify your website’s technical infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance, enhanced user experience, and compliance with search engine standards.

Local SEO Audit

Our local SEO agency conducts a comprehensive audit to gauge your current local SEO ranking and craft a robust local SEO checklist. Assessing NAP visibility, geographical locations, Google My Business listing, and performing analyses such as GMB page audit, review analysis, landing page audit, local citations analysis, competitor benchmarking, and organic link and penalty analysis form the foundation of our meticulous local SEO strategy.

Keyword Research & Strategy

Amplify local outreach with targeted audience segments through strategic local SEO marketing services. Extensive keyword research identifies geo-specific, industry-related keywords, enabling the creation of a local SEO guide for developing locally-themed website content. Our keyword ranking reports keep you updated on your rankings, ensuring alignment with your local SEO objectives.

Google My Business SEO

Leverage our expertise in managing and optimizing Google My Business locations, ensuring accurate and updated brand information across GMB, Bing, and Yahoo Local listings. Our comprehensive GMB services synchronize brand identity and optimize profiles for target locations or service areas, coupled with auditing business information across the web for an error-free local presence.

eCommerce SEO

Empower your brand to connect with modern consumers within your local community. Our local digital marketing agency crafts and optimizes business profiles across Google My Business locations, employs geo-targeted content and keywords, builds local business cit

On-Page Optimization

Ensure your website’s alignment with the target location through our local search engine optimization services. Geo-specific keyword optimization of homepage and metadata, creation of service, city, and industry pages, social media signal setup, and implementation of local SEO best practices streamline your website for local visibility. Additionally, our application of local business schema aids search engines in comprehending your brand offerings and target locations.

Link Building

Expand your digital footprint with affordable and strategic local SEO services. Our expertise in local SEO includes creating hyperlocal landing pages, building local SEO citations, leveraging high domain relevancy keywords, and launching email outreach campaigns. Following GMB SEO and local link building best practices, we attract links that significantly benefit your business.

Business Citation Management

Leverage local SEO citations as a reference for your business across third-party websites. Our Google My Business experts curate high-quality citations across platforms like Angie’s List, FourSquare, MojoPages, and Yelp, ensuring comprehensive online representation and niche directory submissions, maximizing control over your brand’s online presence.

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Harness the power of online reviews to build customer trust and bolster your brand image. Our local digital marketing agency implements effective review acquisition strategies, recommends top-notch customer review software, and protects your brand image through proactive online reputation management strategies.

Content Writing

Captivate your target audience with engaging local SEO content strategies. Our experienced content specialists collaborate to craft informative local SEO guides, conduct keyword research and optimization, execute guest blogging, and optimize local site content to drive increased traffic to your website.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Empower your local business SEO efforts with targeted strategies for better rankings and improved conversion rates. From service and city page creation to enhancing website mobile-friendliness, our local SEO services aim to drive high-quality sales calls and enhance conversion rates consistently.

Leverage our comprehensive suite of local SEO services to unlock your business’s local potential, strengthen your online presence, and drive targeted traffic for sustained growth and success.

What Sets Us Apart?

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Local Expertise

Your go-to choice for a local SEO expert in Bangladesh.

Proven Results

Harness the skills of the best SEO experts in the industry.

Holistic Approach

Covering on-page, off-page, technical SEO, and more.

Cutting-Edge Tools

Utilizing Yoast, Surfer SEO, and other premium tools.

Customized Strategies

Tailored solutions for diverse business niches.

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